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Global Dynamics – Team 4026

Students and Parents

The team is open to any high school age students in the City of Decatur or attending Decatur High School. The structure of the team will vary from year to year, but is built around a model of sustainability and active involvement for all team members. All students are welcome to participate in the design of the robot, documenting their ideas and presenting them to the team. We have a core build team, whose primary responsibility is to translate the selected designs into functional systems for the robot. The build team also requires team members to focus on the electronics and pneumatics that may be included in the design. A programming team develops the software for driving and controlling the robot and its systems.

The success of the program goes well beyond building a robot and competing at events and will need students to establish and manage a Chairman’s Award presentation, coordinate outreach events, perform fundraising, and act as spokespersons for the team. Parents and mentors will be needed to help kick-start these efforts and guide students during the season.

Students and their parents must be prepared to make a commitment of their time to maintain membership with the team. This includes regular attendance at team meetings and competitions, participating in fundraising and community outreach events, and assisting with team management responsibilities. We recognize that schedules are tight and students will have to manage their time to maintain their grades and other commitments, but the goal is to be an active member and help out in the best way they can.

Transportation to meetings and events and lodging costs for out-of-town events are the responsibility of the students and their parents, though costs may be offset by the team if the budget allows for it.

Leadership Roles

Team 4026 will designate a minimum of two active coaches. Team mentors will include volunteers from industry supporters, parents, and teachers to guide the students through engineering, technology, and management challenges.

Ken has been a volunteer with Georgia FIRST programs for 6 years as a Judge and advisor for the FRC and FTC programs and has been a mentor for Global Dynamics teams for 4 seasons. His son, Darien, is a senior at Decatur High School and has been an active member of the team since moving to Decatur his freshman year. He is currently the Principal Architect for TrustedCare, Inc.

Aaron founded Decatur-based Big Nerd Ranch, LLC and is the father of Junior team member, Walden. Aaron was an active mentor for the Global Dynamics FTC team in the past and also volunteered as a Field Technical Advisor for FTC competitions.

Mike is an Engineering Manager for GE Power and Water and has been a mentor for Global Dynamics for four years. As a primary sponsor for the team, GE provides Mike with the opportunity to volunteer his experience to the team.


The team meets at Johnson Research and Development during the season. Regular team meetings take place 2-3 days per week, including after school and on Saturdays. Additional meeting times may be required to finish preparation for competitions. Adult supervision from mentors and parents is required at this facility for all meetings.

The team participate in at least two district qualifier events and, if they advance, the Peachtree District State Championship. Additionally, should they advance beyond the State competition, they will attend the World Championship competition, currently held in St. Louis.


Interested in joining FRC Team 4026? Read more information and contact us.