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Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need to have previous experience with robotics? 2017-06-26T02:05:16+00:00

No, students do not need to have any previous experience with robotics. One of the goals of the Decatur Robotics FLL program is to introduce students without experience to the exciting world of robotics. Our goal is to have a range of experience levels on each of the teams.

How much does participating in the LEGO Robotics team cost? 2017-06-08T12:52:08+00:00

There is a $100 registration fee that covers the cost of the team registration fee with FLL, the annual mission map, the competition tournament registration fee, team t-shirts, and a small amount towards an end of season party. Teams that advance past the initial competition to Super Regional or State may be asked to either fundraise or pay an additional registration fee to the next round of tournaments.

Are scholarships available? 2017-06-26T02:06:04+00:00

The Decatur Robotics FLL program is committed to serving students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. With the generous support of the Decatur Education Foundation, a total of ten spots will be reserved for students who qualify for a scholarship. If you would like more information about applying for a scholarship spot for your student please let us know on the registration form!

Do the teams need volunteers? 2017-06-26T02:16:08+00:00

YES! Every parent that can pitch in and help is welcome. We have opportunities for mentors, transportation assistance and more. If you’re interested in volunteering, please let us know on your student’s application. We’re also looking for coaches so click the button below if you’re interested. As a volunteer coach, your child is guaranteed a spot on your team.

Interest Form

When will the teams meet this year? 2017-06-26T02:07:52+00:00

Most teams will meet immediately after school at their school on a designated day every week. Which particular day a team meets depends on the particular coaches’ schedules and space availability at the school. We have a few teams that meet in the evening at the Decatur Makers space. Please indicate on the application on which days and at what times the student is available to participate.

Are there enough teams for everyone who wants to participate? 2017-06-08T12:54:46+00:00

That depends on how many students apply! Historically, there usually have been too many applicants for the available openings. After the application period ends, teams will be formed based on congruence of student and coach schedules, and an intention to ensure each team has a mix of grade level, gender, experience, and allotted scholarship spots. We will prioritize students whose parents are volunteering as coaches and coordinators. A lottery method of selecting students will be used as a last resort if necessary.

How long is the season? 2017-06-26T02:21:34+00:00

The season will begin in early September (after the teams are selected and formed) and lasts anywhere from late December to February depending on how the teams perform during the competitions. Teams will meet once a week through October and more often once they get closer to the competitions. The following table should give you an idea of how the season looks:

Month Activities / Milestones
August -Prepare for the season
-Study challenge documents
-Build challenge set
September -Practices: 1 meeting/week
-Brainstorming, Trial & Error, Some robotics getting real
October -Practices: Increasing details, but Discovery continues
-Project finalized
November -Everything getting intense
-Going from 1 meeting/week to 2-3/week
Thanksgiving Break Oh my, so much to do
Activity depends on travel plans
December Mad rush
-Decatur Robotics Scrimmage
-First FLL Competition: Qualifier
(Results announced 1-2 weeks later)
Winter Break End: Time to make everything better (if team advanced to Super Regionals)
January Early Jan: Second FLL Competition: Super Regionals
Late Jan (Or Early Feb): Third FLL Competition: State


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